Google Announces Submarine Fiber Optic Cable with Scale in Brazil


Google announced, this Wednesday (09), the “Firmina”, a submarine fiber optic cable that is being built between the east coast of the United States and Las Toninas, in Argentina. According to the tech giant, this will be the longest cable in the world capable of running on a single power source at one end if its other sources are unavailable.

The purpose of the equipment is to improve the access of the South American population to services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Cloud and the search engine itself. The equipment will also have landing stations in Praia Grande, on the southern coast of the State of São Paulo, and Punta Del Este, in Uruguay.

The company explained that Firmina will transport data quickly and securely between North and South America. As a result, users will be offered fast, low-latency access to the brand’s digital platforms.

The post, which was posted on Google’s official blog, is signed by Bikash Koley, vice president of Global Networking at Google Cloud. According to him, the ability of the cable to work with a single power source at one end guarantees reliability.

“In a submarine cable, data is transported as light pulses inside an optical fiber. This light signal is amplified every 100 kilometers through a high voltage power source installed in the cable stations that arrive in each country. Shorter cables take advantage of the energy available from a single end, however this is more difficult to do on longer cables with wider fiber pairs,” he explained.


Google explained that the name Firmina was adopted in honor of Maria Firmina dos Reis (1825 – 1917), a Brazilian abolitionist and writer whose only novel, Ursula, talks about the life of black Brazilians during slavery.

“Black and intellectual, Firmina is considered the first novelist in Brazil and is a source of great pride for us to take advantage of the new underwater cable as a way to draw attention to this woman’s pioneering work and spirit,” says an excerpt from the company’s publication.

The historical character of Brazilian culture has also been remembered in a Doodle. The brand stated that the action intends to “honor a person who is essential for the advancement of understanding between human beings and social justice”.

Despite not revealing when the cable will finish being built, Google said it has already invested in 16 subsea equipment, such as the ones called Dunant, Equiano and Grace Hopper.