Google Announces Security News on Android and PC; Check Out


Google: On Tuesday (18), Google announced, during the Google I / O 2021 event, new security tools for applications on computers and cell phones. Among the features are improvements to Password Manager, the application that manages passwords.

Among the novelties, the manager has gained a tool that facilitates the import of passwords from other password managers. In addition, it is more integrated with Chrome and Android, being able to fill passwords on websites and applications on the desktop and mobile.

The app also received a password alert that automatically notifies you if a saved password has been compromised for violation. This feature allows you to quickly change the code with the help of the Google Assistant.

In addition, the giant is committed to strengthening user safety by showing features such as:

Quick search exclusion: the search engine will receive an option that will delete searches performed in the previous 15 minutes with just one touch.

Blocking folders in Google Photos: You can now block specific folders in the app. The function is for when the user wants to hand the phone over to someone and does not want the person to have access to private files.

Location history reminders: The user will be notified that they have turned on browsing history when they find a location they’ve visited on the Maps timeline.

Privacy panel in Android 12: an entirely new panel will be included in Android 12. In this place, it will be possible to check information and indicators that show which applications are using your camera or your contact list, for example.

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