Google Announces Search Ten Named Event


Google has announced a surprise event that it will hold tomorrow (October 15). This event, called “Search On”, will be broadcast live on Google’s official YouTube channel or a website prepared for the event. Google did not go into details of what it will announce during the event.

US-based technology giant Google was regularly organizing an event called “Google I / O” every year. The company was bringing its latest services and technologies to consumers within the scope of this event. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Google did not perform this event this year. As such, the company announced that it will organize an event called “Search On”, which has a different concept. This event will take place on October 15th.

Google’s Search On event will be held on the internet. Google states that this event, which can be attended by any consumer, will be broadcast live on official YouTube channels or on a website specially created for the event. So what will Google talk about in this event?

As part of the Search On event, it was stated that “Google’s latest ways to harness the power of artificial intelligence to help people understand the world around them” will be explained. However, Google did not explain in detail what it actually meant by this sentence. Naturally, what we can learn within the scope of this event is a secret for now, but there are some predictions about this issue.

Google probably won’t just talk about search engine innovations as part of the Search On event. The company will also make some statements about Assistant, Maps and other services, and will convey what innovations will come to these services. This surprise event announcement is a clear indication that October 15 is pregnant with big things.

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