Google Announces No Joke This Year Due to Coronation


As it is known, on April 1, it is called Joke Day worldwide and many people make interesting jokes to each other on this day. Google is the leading technology company that keeps up with this tradition. Google, who has been making quite interesting April 1 jokes before, announced that this year he will not joke so that the focus on the coronavirus epidemic does not slip.

Alphabet Inc. The software giant Google, which operates within its body, appears to us with fun content from time to time. Sometimes the company adds interesting surprises to its search pages, and sometimes it publishes graphics called Doodle that contain special meanings.

One of the fun traditional content of the company is April 1 jokes. Google, which has been blended with technology before and has been on the agenda with April 1 jokes that no one can think of, unfortunately announced that it will not joke this year.

Google does not want the focus in the coronavirus outbreak to shift:
The coronavirus epidemic, which has become the number one agenda item worldwide, continues to be a serious threat to everyone. The virus, which continued to spread rapidly despite the precautions taken, caused many international events to be canceled, leagues to be closed, holidays to schools and curfews in some areas. Since the situation is very serious, Google wants to keep the focus on this issue.

“Google will not do this tradition this year to show respect for everyone who struggled with COVID-19. This is the goal now to help people. So let’s keep the jokes next April 1,” the Business Insider’s email sent. . In addition, Google also canceled the April 1 joke events inside the company and asked the teams not to joke April 1.

As it is known before, Google; He published April 1 jokes such as ‘Bad Humor Detector’, ‘Where’s Waldo?’, ‘Googz’ and made us laugh. It is a pity that the April 1 joke will not come this year, but it seems logical that Google cancels this tradition for a fairly just cause.


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