Google Announces New Watch List Feature for Movies and TV Shows


Google Search stands out as the application that brings out the most comprehensive details of anything we are curious about today and manages to stand out from its competitors.

In this era of television and other media, we think that it is more difficult for us all to follow what we are watching. Our time is more valuable to us than anything. Google will also find it convenient to make our lives easier, expanding the search option and announcing that it has decided to add a built-in watchlist that allows users to quickly access and bookmark movies and TV shows.

This function is currently only available in the Google app for Android and iOS and via the mobile website. I mean, it looks like we’ll wait a little longer to use the feature on the desktop, but after the first attempts and comments, it’s like an update without wasting time.

What does the new plugin do?
Simply explain the task of the feature, when you search for a show or movie on Google, we can say that it lets you click the Watch List button and add it to your list. You can then use the same tab to view your content and browse all the programs you’ve missed. It is also possible to arrange your ranking according to your wishes. In other words, the limited time will no longer affect us as an audience.

In addition to the watch list, another button introduced is ‘Did you watch it?’ ’button. There are a lot of programs that we all tried to watch again, but didn’t we? With this feature, we can get rid of this problem by marking the shows we watch. You will also be able to see a buy ticket if the movies you are searching for are still being shown in theaters. When we look at all of this, it seems that Google will add many things we need as a shortcut to a mobile screen where we can reach it more easily and it will bring positive feedback in a short time.

Finally, if you haven’t seen the features on your device yet, you can easily say that you don’t have to be afraid. You’ll probably get it all with an update you’ll soon get.


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