Google Announces New Roboto Font To Improve Web Reading


Google: Last Thursday (17), Google unveiled a new version of its classic Roboto font in order to offer users more comfortable reading moments. The serif variant is now available and should improve readability in any size and format.

The variant joins the Roboto family with Sans, Mono, Slab and Condensed versions. Even the novelty is now available for download on the official website of Google fonts.

Roboto Serif is also designed to facilitate flexibility in digital prints and documents, as designers can choose from nine versions ranging from thin, regular, bold and more.

Roboto serif: on!

“Roboto Serif is a variable typeface designed to create a comfortable and frictionless reading experience. Minimal and highly functional, it is useful anywhere (even for application interfaces) due to the extensive set of weights and widths in a wide range of optical sizes.