Google Announces New Payment Methods For Apps and Subscriptions


Google: Last Tuesday (18), during the Google I / O 2021 event, the search giant announced news related to payments on Google Play, an action that promises to expand possibilities for both developers and the public.

Among the promises are multiple sales, added to carts, and the offer of several products and services under a single subscription, as well as the creation of prepaid plans that allow access to solutions for certain periods.

Expanding solutions

According to the company, in 2020 alone, 34 new payment methods were added in 30 markets around the world. With the implementations, it is expected the growth of a platform that already has almost 2 million applications and reaches billions of users. In the past 12 months, Google Play has recorded more than 140 billion downloads.

Many of these changes, explains the big tech, will arrive with Google Play Billing Library version 4.0, already available to developers. Finally, professionals have until August 2 to integrate their apps with 3.0, while further updates will be needed until November.


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