Google Announces New Desktop Google Drive and New Features


Google: This Monday (12), the search giant announced that Google Drive will receive a new desktop solution that includes the synchronization of files and devices. According to the company, the implementation will unite Backup and Sync features, aimed at home users, and Drive File Stream, aimed at corporate customers — that is, it will be a single platform, replacing the previous ones.

Windows and macOS machines will be able to enjoy the benefits of the launch, which will guarantee the upload of photos and videos with Google Photos and/or Google Drive and the simplified sharing of materials. In addition, Google highlights, there will be the possibility of synchronizing external storage disks with the cloud, including, for example, pendrives and external hard drives.

Finally, with the new feature, mirroring Drive files on the desktop, with local storage and faster access to content, is another action provided by the tool – which serves people who prefer to handle items this way, defends big tech.

When arrives?

Also according to the company, update notices will begin appearing for Backup and Sync users in the coming weeks. Starting in September, migrating to the new Desktop Drive will become a requirement.

“Each year, people are creating more content and using more devices to access it. So it’s more important than ever to be able to keep files, folders and photos safe, synced across devices, backed up, and organized,” he says. Google. With the movement, it intends to improve such actions.


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