Google announces measures to expand covid vaccine


Vaccination against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) is already taking place in several parts of the world. However, the “mission” of vaccinating as many people as possible comes up against logistical challenges. This happens even in developed countries like the United States.

Therefore, in search of helping to increase vaccination coverage, Google announced on Monday (25) a set of initiatives so that more people can have access to the immunizer. According to the search giant, its buildings in California, New York and Washington are expected to become vaccination sites.

In addition, the company is expected to donate about $ 150 million for vaccine-related actions. An example of this is that US $ 100 million will go to the Center for Disease Treatment (CDC), the World Health Organization (WTO) and other non-profit NGOs. This money will be distributed in advertising actions.

In addition, an additional $ 50 million must be invested in partnerships with health agencies so that they can reach people in need and provide information about the vaccine. Another $ 5 million will go to organizations working with racial inequality in the United States.

Google should also create a page called “Get The Facts” on the search engine and on YouTube. The intention is to consolidate information about the vaccine and disprove rumors that circulate among the public.
Another initiative by Google also foresees that all vaccination sites be added to Google Maps and in the search. The idea is that the novelty will be made available initially in the USA, while the expansion to other countries should happen over the next days and months.

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