Google Announces Its Own VPN Service ‘Google One’


Google, which has come up with a new service, has officially announced its own VPN service. The VPN service offered as part of Google One packages can only be experienced by Android users in the USA for now. According to Google, the service will be available on Windows, Mac and iOS platforms in the coming months.

VPN is one of the most preferred services around the world. These services, which can be used to access prohibited sites and to ensure privacy on the internet, are very popular. Now users can take advantage of a new VPN service. Moreover, this service is offered by the US-based technology giant Google.

Google has been offering consumers a service called “Google One” for a while. Being an advanced version of Google Drive, the service enables data to be stored securely and to connect directly to Google in case of problems. Google said it will now offer its own VPN service under the One service. However, Google’s VPN service is currently only available to consumers in the US.

According to the statements made by Google, in order to use the company’s VPN service, it is necessary to use the package that offers 2 TB of storage. In Turkey, this package £ 28.99 (monthly), while in the US $ 9.99 (per month) can be purchased in return. But Google One 2 TB if you have purchased the package in Turkey also needs to be anticipated for a while VPN service.

Google says the VPN service can only be experienced by Android users for now. However, the company says that Windows, Mac and iOS users will also be able to take advantage of the VPN service in the coming months. In addition, the company will expand the scope of its VPN service in the coming months. While there is no official calendar at the moment, users all over the world will be able to experience Google’s VPN service.

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Google’s VPN service works just like other developers’ VPN services. Using this service, users can access banned sites in their countries, and change the locations from which they access the internet. With this service, Google aims to make the One, which has been available for some time, more attractive and reach more consumers.


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