Google Announces It Will Acquire Cyber Security Giant Mandiant for a Shocking Price


After the claim shared the other day, Google officially announced that it will buy the cyber security giant Mandiant. The company announced the cost of the acquisition as $ 5.4 billion.

Google came to the fore with a claim that attracted the attention of the technology industry the other day. A news shared by The Information claimed that Google would buy the US-based cybersecurity company Mandiant. This claim was confirmed by Google a day after the news.

Google announced today that it plans to buy Mandiant for $5.4 billion. The company explained that its goal of acquiring the cybersecurity company is to better protect cloud users. When the plan is realized, Google will pay $23 for each share of Mandiant.

After The Information’s news, the stock value of Mandiant company increased by 16%, even though it was only a claim. With a market value of $5.25 billion today, Mandiant made a name for himself by helping Microsoft discover the SolarWinds hack disaster while under FireEye. The US government was targeted in the SolarWinds hacks, and many private giant companies were damaged.

Mandiant shares, traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange, rose 16% due to the fact that the stock market has not yet opened.