Google Announces Hangouts Video Quality Decreases as Traffic Increases


While the eyes of the world are in the effects of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, many people are locked in their homes for preventive purposes. At this point, the most used platforms stand out as video calling applications. Google also made a few comments about Hangouts that it developed.

Nowadays, almost the whole world is trying to deal with the effects of the epidemic in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic. Many companies strive to run their business with a telework system and use various video conferencing applications to ensure continuity. Especially preferred by corporate customers, online meeting service Google Meet takes part of the load with ease of use. Hangouts, on the other hand, has received a new update for iOS today, warning that video quality may decline.

Although it is enough to have a normal Google account to join the Meet call, it is required to be a corporate customer in order to start new meetings. On the other hand, Hangouts service is easily used by all users. The notes for the version, which appears as Hangouts 33.0 on iOS, come with a warning that the video quality may decrease if the server load increases, similar to the 27.1 release coming in March. According to the information in the App Store, the new update also includes various bug fixes.

There are 2 billion minutes of video calls a day:
Unlike the internet version under normal conditions, mobile applications are known for not allowing you to manually change the video quality. In applications where quality adjustments are made automatically in the background, there is no extra adjustment for this. The change for the Hangouts service stands out as a nice innovation in this sense. There is no change yet for managing increased traffic for Meet, where 2 billion minutes of video calls are made daily.

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Let’s remind you that at the end of last month, Google said its systems were designed to be able to easily handle the load of coronavirus-related traffic. Obviously, the company does not neglect to take some precautions by closely monitoring the process. We will see the next move of the company, which plans to provide uninterrupted service to users with the increased capacity when necessary.


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