Google Announces Details of Personal Music Upload to YouTube Music

Google has released details about the ability to upload personal music to YouTube Music, which it previously announced. The feature, which is not yet available, will not be available on smartphones in the first place.

Earlier this month, Google announced that the cloud locking function would be included in the new YouTube Music version. Although the feature is not yet available to users, details about the feature have been released on Google’s support page today.

According to the information on the support page, YouTube Music users will be able to download their personal music only from their computers. At least in the first place, uploading music will not be available on YouTube Music’s phone app. However, users will be able to view and manage their uploaded music in the 3.51 and up-to-date versions of the YouTube Music app.

5 file formats supported
To upload music to YouTube Music, simply hold your file with the mouse cursor and drag it anywhere on the page of Another option is to choose ‘Upload music’ by clicking on your profile photo on the YouTube Music website. Supported file formats include MP3, M4A, WMA, FLAC and OGG. Once you upload your files, you will be able to listen to them ad-free and offline, even if you don’t have a YouTube Music Premium membership.

According to the statement on the support page, users will be able to move all their libraries to YouTube Music without any problem before replacing YouTube Music with Google Play Music.

On Android 10, which Google says will be faster and safer, and will be with us in the fall of 2020, the YouTube Music app will now include Google’s installed apps by default. In other words, when you buy a device with Android 10, the YouTube Music application will be installed.

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