Google Announces DDoS Attack in 2017


The Google Threat Analysis Group explained the biggest DDoS attack in its history with a blog post. According to Google, this attack was carried out by the APT31 hacker group supported by the Chinese government. The size of the attack reached 2.5 TB per second.

A new blog post by Google Threat Analysis Group Manager, Shane Huntley, revealed the biggest DDoS attack Google has ever experienced. According to the information in the post, the company experienced the biggest cyber attack in its history in 2017, but this attack did not affect users thanks to the robustness of its security systems. Huntley says the size of DDoS attacks has reached 2.5 TB per second.

According to the blog post, the biggest cyber attack in Google’s history was carried out by a hacker group called “APT31”, supported by the Chinese government. Huntley says that although government-sponsored hackers are carrying out more phishing attacks, the attacks in 2017 demonstrated just how widely a hacker group could launch DDoS attacks.

The main purpose of DDoS attacks is not focused on a specific target user. Instead, the hackers try to make the target crash. The hackers, who force the limits of the target’s infrastructure with the unnecessary traffic they send and eventually collapse them, thus cause disruption in services. This was the basis of the cyber attacks against Google. Huntley says the attacks came from four internet service providers serving China.

According to Google’s statements, it is necessary to work with businesses to reduce the effects of DDoS attacks. As a matter of fact, the attacks in 2017 did not affect both users and Google, as they worked together. Huntley says that the vulnerable servers are immediately reported to the network providers and the fake traffic is filtered and the attack is destroyed. In this context, it should be noted that the providers have a great job.

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In the statements made by Google, the DDoS attack in 2017 is not only mentioned. The company also shared some details about the biggest attacks in history. For example, at the beginning of 2020, a cyberattack was carried out via the IoT botnet. The size of this cyber attack reached 690 Mbps. In addition, YouTube, owned by Google, has been subjected to a man in the middle (MITM) attack, which has reached the top with 2.7 million requests since 2014.

Google says that individual users also have some duties to prevent cyber attacks. According to the company, individual users have to make sure their devices are secure. For this, the devices used must have licensed software and updates must be made. However, even if you take every precaution, a risky link you click can lead you to become a victim of hackers.


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