Google announced the price of 2 Gigabit fiber internet!


Google’s roof company Alphabet’s access department reduced the cost of 100 Mbps fiber internet for new customers, while also cheapering the traditional TV subscription. Today, Google Fiber made a statement about the tests of the 2 Gigabit fiber internet plan next month.

Google Fiber internet tests begin

Aiming to offer customers their business and the internet speed they need, even under the busiest conditions, Google has determined the new subscription fee for 2 gigabit download and 1 gigabit upload plan.

Google, which will provide subscribers with an unspecified Wi-Fi 6 router and network extender, says it can offer higher speeds due to its approach to network design.

The new fiber internet prices, which will begin testing in the US states of Tennessee and Alabama next month, are expected to be welcomed. The new fiber internet plan, which will offer 2 Gigabit download and 1 Gigabit upload speeds, will cost $ 100 to the customer. The new package, which is almost twice as fast, will cost only $ 30 more than before.

Tests in other cities will be conducted in early 2021, mostly in cities using Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass. Fiber is currently actively used in 19 cities in the USA.

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