Google Announced New Security Features At I / O 2021


Google announced some privacy features at the I / O 2021 event, including a feature that will allow you to quickly delete your most recent searches. When you tap your Google profile icon, you will see an option that allows you to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history. This can be useful when your partner walks in while you are trying to find a gift for them.

Apart from that, there will be a password protected Locked Folder in Google Photos. This allows you to keep some photos private when you want to show a friend your pictures or give your phone to them to browse through an album on your phone. Pictures in Locked Folder won’t appear in grid view or in your shared albums. This feature will be rolled out on Google Pixel phones before it becomes available on more Android devices later this year.

When you view the places you have visited on your Timeline on Google Maps, you will see a reminder that the location history option is turned on. You will be able to close this directly from the Timeline.

Meanwhile, Android 12 has privacy protection integrated into the operating system with Android Private Compute Core. Google says this will allow it to “introduce new technologies that are proprietary by design and keep your personal information safe, private, and local on your phone.” The company says the Private Compute Core enables features like Live Caption, Now Playing, and Intelligent Reply because the audio and language processing required for them happens entirely on your device.

Android 12 will have a privacy dashboard with a timeline showing when apps are using your microphone, camera or location information. Indicators show when your microphone or camera is in use. You will be able to disable access to these hardware components thanks to simple controls. In addition, you will be able to share approximate locations with apps instead of your exact location.

In addition, Google announced an update for Chrome’s built-in password manager. If the company suspects that one of your passwords has been compromised, Google Assistant will help you change your password.


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