Google and YouTube celebrate International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day


Google and YouTube: Technology platforms such as Google and YouTube have launched tools and actions to celebrate the International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, which is remembered this Monday (28).

The date refers to the Stonewall Inn Rebellion, which occurred after police tried to arrest people at the Stonewall Inn bar, in 1969. The action led to protests and several popular demonstrations.

To remember the importance of the date, Google announced, on its official blog, a new hub for businesses that respect sexual minorities. Companies that respect diversity will have a special space in the search engine to demonstrate that the environment is safe for this population.

Along with the action, LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs will also have access to a special service from the NGO StartOut to receive help with guidance and access to capital. Google also offers digital tools to boost the businesses of LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs.

easter eggs

Since 2017, Google spreadsheets have a special easter egg to remember the date. By typing the word “Pride”, which means “pride”, in each column of the first row, the file gains the colors of the rainbow, which represents the flag of the LGBTQIA+ movement.

YouTube also did not leave the date blank and placed a short animation next to the company logo. When hovering over the icon, the reference is shown.


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