Google And RME Empower Thousands Of Brazilian Women During The Pandemic


Google: In partnership with Google, Rede Mulher Empreendedora (RME) has trained more than 200,000 Brazilian women since 2019 through initiatives focused on the most vulnerable groups. The projects aim to minimize the economic impact on the female public, the most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic.

One of the programs made available is “Potência Feminina”, nationwide, which supports businesses headed by women. Sponsored by, the philanthropic arm of the Mountain View giant, the initiative is divided into three knowledge tracks: entrepreneurship, employability and technology.

So far, more than 35 thousand entrepreneurs have been certified in the project, which also includes the seed capital and acceleration stages, reaching 735 companies in total, according to RME. In addition to the rooms equipped with computers, the program offers an allowance for expenses and maintenance of spaces in various regions of the country.

Another highlight is “She Can”, which aims to restore women’s self-esteem. To this end, different training options are made available, focused on skills such as leadership, financial education, digital literacy, negotiation and public speaking, which are essential for anyone wanting to enter the business world.

Grow with google

The partnership between Google and RME is also present in the “Grow with Google” project, which featured five exclusive editions for women held throughout 2021, including one dedicated to black women. Return to the job market, technology and career development were some of the themes discussed at the meetings.

The training and qualification program, which addresses the development of digital marketing and business skills, had more than 70 thousand students in the year. Participants attended lectures on self-esteem, creativity, brand development, remote work and networking.

The contents of all editions remain open to the public and can be accessed on the initiative’s website, free of charge.