Google and News Corp content collaboration agreement


Google has signed a three-year content agreement with News Corp. With the agreement in question, it will be possible to view the contents of news media such as The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch within the News Corp. The deal will cover the US, Australia and Britain.

No information has been given about the material conditions of the agreement. However, News Corp’s statement stated that a “serious” amount will be taken from Google. Announcing that Google will also share its advertising revenue, News Corp announced that the internet giant will also invest in audio and video content. A subscription platform will also be created within the framework of the agreement.

It would not be wrong to say that this agreement was a surprise. News Corp, owned by the Murdoch family, had harshly criticized Google for many years. In the broadcasts of News Corp affiliates, there were calls to the authorized institutions to “split Google”. Despite this, the deal seems to be a kind of imperative for Google.

Australia is one of the countries where the agreement between Google and News Corp is valid. In Australia, the federal government is preparing a law that requires Google and other online platforms to pay publishers for content display and links. Google had described this law as “unenforceable” and threatened to pull the search engine from Australia. The fact that Australian politicians do not get to grips with this threat seems to have pushed Google to take a different approach. Going to deal with publishers, Google also aims to show politicians that legal regulation is unnecessary.


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