Google and Jio Launch Low-Cost Android Smartphone In India


Google announced this Thursday (24) its first smartphone launched in partnership with Jio, one of the most powerful operators and technology companies in India.

Called JioPhone Next, the cell phone is aimed at the local market and focuses on cost-effectiveness, in addition to integration with Google services. The goal is “to allow new internet users to experience the best possible Android functions at an affordable price”.

There are no details on the technical specifications of the model, but some functions possible thanks to Google’s involvement have been reported. The smartphone will have real-time translation tools on-camera, integration with Jio Saavn music streaming and the My Jio payment system, as well as the possibility of quick access to cricket game scores.

In addition, the camera will have HDR mode, good support for low-light environments and optimized use of augmented reality via Snapchat. Security updates will be sent “regularly” by the company itself.


JioPhone Next will be launched in India on September 10, 2021 and later taken to other unconfirmed countries.

The partnership between Google and Jio is not a surprise: last year, the giant announced investments of US$ 10 billion in India — considered one of the biggest markets for mobile devices in the world, especially in the cheaper models. In addition to the device, the company announced that Jio will adopt Google Cloud for its services and will assist the operator in the implementation of 5G in the region.