Google and Alphabet Employees Formed A New Union


Google and its roof company Alphabet employees announced that they established a new union. This union, which will be open to all permanent and contracted employees of Google, will target the inequality experienced in the company and create a more fair environment.

Employees working in large companies had attempted many times to form unions to solve their problems with the company and to provide the necessary justice. Silicon Valley, in particular, was doing special efforts to prevent the establishment of such unions. However, the situation was not the same this time, and Google employees made their decision to form a new union with many reasons they had presented.

Google and its umbrella company Alphabet announced that they established a new union and that all permanent and contract employees working at Google are invited to this union. The newly established union will focus on various issues such as compensation and the classification of employees and their treatment according to their positions.

The goal is to eliminate inequality within the company

It was said that Google gave more social rights to its permanent employees than its contracted employees. Contracted employees who complained about this injustice had presented their complaints to the managers in the past years, but they could not get a clear answer. With the newly established union, it is aimed to give employees social rights without any discrimination.

Union members applied to the US National Labor Relations Board for union certification, which will enable them to represent employees and negotiate with employers. Consisting of approximately 280 people, this union has also started to be supported by CWA, the largest communication and media union in the USA. Employees who are members of the Alphabet union will be indirectly represented as members of the CWA union.

Google Program Manager Nicki Anselmo said the following about the establishment of the union; “This union is based on the courageous organization of Google employees for years. From trying to bring Project Maven to life, to just fines for sexually harassing executives, we saw Alphabet responded with one heart to all these problems. Our new union will provide a sustainable infrastructure for employees to receive the respect they deserve, even after the news goes out of style.


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