Google, Adidas and EA Sports Partnered for a New Product


US search and technology giant Google, which we use many services and services in daily life, is working on a new device. Collaborating with Adidas and EA, Google releases a tracking device.

Since the inclusion of mobile devices that we can carry with us in our daily lives, many different technologies have entered our lives. While some of these technologies have become established in our lives, some have failed to be very long lasting.

In the mid-2000s, the sportswear store also signed under one of these technologies. The US-based sportswear brand developed a tracking device called Nike + in the mid-2000s. Nike + allowed daily activities to be recorded when paired with the iPod. It looks like Goolge is working on a similar device.

Collaboration with Google, Adidas and Electronic Arts

The team, the search giant of which we use many services and services quite frequently in our daily lives, also introduces a product for Advanced Techonology & Projects March 10, which created Google’s Project Jacquard smart clothing technology. A video was shared from the Google ATAP Instagram page. In the shared video, it can be seen that the devices are placed in the shoes, and at the end of the video, partnership with Adidas and EA FIFA Mobile can be seen.

In previous images, it was claimed that the device would match the Adidas GMR application available on Android and iOS operating systems. It will also be able to connect with the FIFA Mobile game. The slogan of the product was “Play more in real life, get the FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team better”.

The project seems to be an interesting application that aims to increase real life activities for now. So, what do you think about this device developed by Google in partnership with Adidas and EA? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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