Google adds Secure DNS in Chrome update for Android


Google implemented in version 83 of Chrome for desktop, launched in May, the feature called Secure DNS, which aimed to give more privacy and security to the browsing experience, using DNS over HTTPS, encrypting a step known as DNS lookup (Domain Name System, in free translation).

And the novelty is that this functionality comes with version 85 of Google also for Android versions of the browser of the Mountain View giant. The information is on the company’s official blog, which also reveals that the new version of Chorme shares the same design news as the desktop variant.

With the new feature, Chorme will automatically switch to DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) if your current DNS provider supports the feature, and with automatic mode, it will be possible for the browser to return to the regular DNS service offered by the provider for ensure that there are no interruptions in navigation.

It will also be possible, if the user prefers, to go back to manual configuration, which uses a specific provider without a fallback. And users can still disable the feature completely in their browser settings. And the Google post explains that it will automatically disable secure DNS if it sees an environment managed by one or more corporate policies.

In addition, the Mountain View giant has also added enterprise DNS over HTTPS policies to enable a managed configuration of secure DNS, in addition to encouraging IT administrators to analyze the deployment of DNS over HTTPS for their users. The implementation of the new function will be carried out in pre-defined periods and gradually to ensure stability and performance.

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