Google Account History: Important Security Step!


Google has received extra protection in the past. It has added extra protection for Google historical data, which records what sites you visit, what you searched for, and more.

Google; Chrome data records the activity history of your activities while using all of its products, such as Assistant conversations. You can access all your activities on the device where your account is open, including which sites are accessed, which words are searched for, and even what has been spoken with the Assistant. In order to enter such an important area, it is sufficient to have your phone in hand.

Any person who has access to your smartphone can log in to your open Google account and view your activity history. Google has signed an innovation that eliminates this security weakness.

Google activity history can be protected with a password

You can now protect the section you can access from the Google section of your phone’s Settings menu or from the My Activity page with an extra layer of security. At this point, Google will leave the choice entirely to the users. If you think your data is not compromised and you do not need protection, you may not enable security verification.

With additional security enabled, Google will ask for verification of the account so that your activity history can be viewed and data there can be deleted. Google, which does this to ensure that your data is accessed within your knowledge, will thus protect your privacy one step further from prying eyes. However, this setting will only apply in the “My Activity” section. No verification will be required for other sections.

You can follow these steps to activate the verification:

  • First, go to the My Activity page. Type your Google account password when prompted.
  • Click on “Manage my activity verification” on the page.
  • Click the “Request additional verification” button in the window that opens and save.

After following these steps, you will now be prompted for your account password every time you enter your Google activity history. If you do not provide correct information, you will not be able to access your history.


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