Goodyear Introduced Bicycle Tires It Produces With Graphene Technology


US-based tire manufacturer Goodyear introduced two new ultra lightweight and high performance bicycle tires using graphene technology, Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport.

Goodyear, one of the largest tire and rubber manufacturers in the world, unveiled new bicycle tires produced with graphene technology. Designed for models with a maximum width of 32mm, Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport only weigh 180g.

The American company, which launched the new Eagle F1 as an “ultra high performance versatile road tire”, says that the Eagle F1 Supersport model is produced in accordance with the competition against time and triathlon sports.

Goodyear’s new generation tires provide better grip on dry and wet surfaces
According to Goodyear’s claim, both Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport tires provide better grip and long-term durability on dry and wet surfaces compared to existing models thanks to graphene technology. Eagle F1 Supersport has five width options from 23 to 32 mm, while Eagle F1 Supersport has three width ranges from 23 to 28 mm.

Goodyear has invested heavily in its factory in Taiwan to manufacture its new tires. The company did not share much detail about the manufacturing process, but notes that the graphene materials used in tires have an enormous impact on both weight and performance.

Graphene, which is expected to play a key role in the production of technological devices in the near future, is 300 times stronger and more flexible than steel. Goodyear, which aims to increase its work in the field of graphene, announced that the new generation tires Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 Supersport will take their place on the shelves, starting from 45 euros in February.


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