Goodbye to 3D glasses with Sony’s Spatial Reality display


Would you like to enjoy three-dimensional photos and videos without wearing glasses? Sony’s new device offers this opportunity at a price of $ 5000 abroad. Sony’s device called Spatial Reality Display or SR Display allows you to create three-dimensional objects using eye tracking technology without wearing three-dimensional glasses or VR devices. Of course, its high price makes this a more business-friendly solution than an end-user device.

Sony first previewed the SR Display at CES 2020 under the name “Eye-Perceiving Light Field Display”. The 15.6-inch 4K LCD screen features a micro-optical lens layer and an image sensor that tracks your eye movements and position as you move. The micro optic lens screen creates a stereoscopic view by separating it for each eye. The two separate 2K images are then adjusted to match your eye movements.

Sony says the SR Display will deliver a glasses-free 3D display experience. He even states that this will bring a holographic device-like experience. However, it seems difficult to make a comment without seeing how this device is used in real life.

If you’re wondering who would use this kind of device, Sony says Volkswagen used the SR Display in the design process of its vehicles. Sony Pictures Entertainment used it to render scenes and three-dimensional models during the production of Ghostsbusters: Afterlife.

Sony SR Display requires a PC with at least Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU. It will be on sale from November 2020.


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