Goodboy Galaxy: New GBA Game in 13 Years Hits Kickstarter Goal


Goodboy Galaxy: When it was announced on Kickstarter a few days ago, perhaps the team responsible for the production of Goodboy Galaxy did not imagine that this game that will be released for PC, Switch and, pasmen, physical media for the Game Boy Advance would reach this far in its goal. Initially, the idea was to obtain approximately US$ 25,000, but at the time of publication of this news the value was already above US$ 130 thousand.

With the amount in question, virtually all the extra goals were met – and it’s exactly when we look at them that we see the team’s focus on producing the title for the old Nintendo handheld, as one of them is the addition of a new chapter Gameboy Advance version only.

In case you are interested, the campaign will still be active for another 25 days, which certainly guarantees that an even greater amount will be collected for the production.


Old fashioned platform

Goodboy Galaxy is a platform game that involves exploration and combat against various enemies using weapons, and is described by its products as “a kind of Cave Story or a cute version of Metroid”. The protagonist is an astronaut dog named Maxwell, who aims to explore the galaxy.

Those who are curious and want to support the project should wait until 2023, when the title will be ready to arrive on all platforms mentioned above. If you want to check something of the game “for yesterday”, you can download a demo of the title or check this part (which will not be in the final version of the game) directly in the browser. You can find the link to access it directly on the Kickstarter page.


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