Good Witch: Last Episode of The Series Has The Channel’s 1st LGBTQIA+ Kiss


Good Witch: The LGBTQIA+ community knows how much representation matters in the fight against prejudice, which is why the presence of relationships beyond heteronormative ones is so celebrated when represented on open TV channels. Here, in Brazil, Globo brought its first lesbian kiss in 2014, starring Giovanna Antonelli and Tainá Müller, in the plot of the soap opera Em Família. Now it was the turn of Canadian broadcaster Hallmark, in the final episode of Good Witch, aired on July 25th.

During the series finale, Joy (Wynonna Earp’s Kat Barrell) and Zoey (Shadowhunters’ Kyana Teresa) shared the first kiss between an LGBTQIA+ couple in an original series on the Hallmark channel. The ship of the two #TeamJoey, was much celebrated on social media.

“If you’re not making history, you’re not doing it right,” shared Teresa, who plays Zoey, on Instagram. “Thank you to everyone who helped this story become a reality and to everyone who worked for it to the end and beyond. It means more to me than you will ever know,” said the actress.

Hallmark and controversies

The same-sex kiss on Good Witch marks a big step for Crown Media Family Networks, the parent company of the Hallmark Channel, which in December 2019 bowed to pressure from conservative groups and dropped commercials featuring a kiss between two brides.

After a firestorm of controversy, the wrath of Hallmark film veterans Hilarie Burton and Bridget Regan, along with other celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Crown Media returned to running the ads.

At the time of the reversal of the decision, Hallmark Cards President and CEO Mike Perry called the initial choice to remove the ads “the wrong decision”, adding, “We are sorry for the pain and disappointment this has caused.” Soon after, Crown Media Family Networks CEO Bill Abbott left the company.

In Brazil, the first 5 seasons of Good Witch are available on Netflix.


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