Good student plan: create an e-commerce to confront!


You are a student and you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, and if to face this covid-19 crisis you launched your own e-commerce!

The situation of students is increasingly precarious. Faced with this crisis, some of them are trying the adventure of entrepreneurship. With covid-19 and the closure of bars and restaurants, many students have lost their jobs. And it allowed them to finance their studies. Since RSA is not available for those under 26, many students find themselves running out of solutions. Faced with this problem, more and more of them are launching their own e-commerce in order to make a living from their varied talents.

An entrepreneurial adventure that is more accessible than one might think.


Ten years ago it was super difficult for a student to start his first company. The procedures and the associated costs were far too important. Even if all the information was on the Internet, creating your own box was still complicated. Then, running this same business required a lot of skills.

In fact, even today, most students who start a business do so only after the third year of study. At that time, they are in second cycle. They are studying for a master’s degree and are therefore already better trained in starting and managing a company. However, today, all the procedures are simplified.

For example, it has become very easy to create a payslip for an employee. With a few clicks, any entrepreneur can edit a payslip. Above all, he can do this while being sure that he is not mistaken on all the charges. This brand new accessibility plays an important role in the creation of businesses by young people.


In all sectors and in all CSPs, Ecommerce is becoming increasingly important. Both consumers and entrepreneurs have finally realized its full potential. As a result, even the students are doing it. Selling online allows them to face the crisis that is hitting them hard.

During both lockdowns, many students faced loneliness and boredom. Manual activities were very busy. Some students have discovered talents and passions. When others simply confirmed them. No wonder, then, that the idea of ​​living off these talents came to them when money was scarce.

Since the procedures for starting a business are now very accessible, these same students were able to create the structures they needed. Whether it’s a SAS or a microenterprise, it allows them to sell everything they make and produce online. It is difficult to know what real impact this trend will have today. However, it is probably already limiting the damage of the crisis.