Good Sam: What we suspected about the cancellation of the medical drama with Sophia Bush


Good Sam is the medical drama that was announced last year to top CBS’ 2022 slate. The series, starring Sophia Bush, premiered on Wednesday, January 5, and ended on May 4. And while fans hoped to see more stories with a second installment, the television network decided to end the series after one season on the air.

The series came to be CBS’s current medical drama. A chain that is characterized by keeping successful criminal and police programs, as well as situation comedies, on the programming grid. At first, it was thought that Good Sam would be coming to the screens and with his story promise a renewal. However, this did not turn out as expected.

In addition to Sophia Bush, Good Sam also starred Jason Isaacs. On the canceled show, the former Chicago P.D. played a talented but suffocated surgeon, who accepts her leadership role after Griff (Isaacs), her renowned boss falls into a coma. Her strained relationship was the main source of drama on the show.

However, when he wakes up and wants to resume his duties at the hospital, it falls to Bush’s character (Sam) to supervise this overbearing braggart who never recognized his talents, and who also happens to be his father, played by Jason Isaacs. In the cast of the series, Edwin Hodge, Skye P. Marshall, Michael Stahl-David, Davi Santos, Omar Maskati and Wendy Crewson also starred.

As for the reasons that led to CBS canceling the medical drama Good Sam after its first season, reports indicate that the series never caught on with viewers and ended its run as the lowest-rated scripted series of the season. CBS.

Importantly, Good Sam had low ratings since its premiere in January, meaning the series’ cancellation wasn’t much of a surprise. The series got a boost with DVR managing to grab the attention of an average of 4 million viewers. However, the figure was not enough to motivate a second season and keep Good Sam on the air for longer, since the audience levels did not increase, despite the reunion of the cast of One Tree Hill.