Good Omens: Jon Hamm To Reprise Gabriel’s Role In Season 2


Good Omens: Amazon Prime Video announced this Thursday (16) that Jon Hamm (Mad Men), interpreter of the Archangel Gabriel in Good Omens, will return for the second season of the series to reprise his role.

Amazon Studios’ unveiling of Hamm’s contractual extension was accompanied by other important news. According to the company, the star is cast alongside Doon Mackichan (Miguel) and newcomers Gloria Obianyo (Uriel), Liz Carr (Saraqael) and Quelin Sepulveda (Muriel), who will live unpublished stories together after rumors of the arrival of a strange messenger in the land.

“The second season of Good Omens simply wouldn’t be the same without the surprising Jon Hamm as Gabriel, the worst boss ever. The story Terry Pratchett and I created years ago continues to take us from Soho, London, to heaven and hell. It’s a pleasure for me to bring back characters we love (or hate) and bring new characters, from the brightest floors of heaven to the wettest basements of hell, to love — to hate, love to hate, or to hate to love. They are all part of the strangely and extraordinarily beloved family of good omens,” wrote Neil Gaiman in a statement.

Finally, Prime Video also confirmed that Shelley Conn, who will play Mary Sharma in Bridgerton’s second season, will be a key player in the apocalyptic plot of Beautiful Curses. The actress has not yet had her character officially released.

The new season of Good Omens continues without a premiere forecast.