Good news for those waiting for AirPower from Apple


New developments regarding the AirPower wireless charging stand, which was first announced by Apple in 2018, but not released, are still being experienced. It was recently revealed that Apple is working on the new AirPower model. This information was also revealed directly by the Apple engineer.

Apple engineer shares new AirPower model
A visual leaked from the sharing section used by Apple’s engineers who continue working from home has uncovered new AirPower works. It has been stated that Apple has been trying to renew the AirPower for a while and made these studies under the code name C68. The new leak visual also created the C68 prototype product.

The main reason for Apple’s failure to launch the AirPower model was shown as a warming problem. Wireless charging of multiple devices at the same time can create high temperatures. Now, Apple is continuing its prototype work with the A11 mobile processor to avoid the warming problem.

According to the statements, it can be delivered to users with the new AirPower A11 processor. For now, it is not possible to answer the question of how the AirPower A11 processor produces results. However, it is possible to say that Apple maintained a very determined attitude towards the wireless charging stand. Therefore, it seems that all necessary steps will be taken to overcome this warming problem.

In the future, new information will continue to come. Even though successful results have been achieved for the moment, it would not be wrong to say that it will take a while to find the new AirPower model on Apple Store shelves.


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