Good News to DOGE and These 6 Coins Investors: Valid in the Church


Last Sunday, St. Back Bay church in Martin, Mississippi became the first Southern Baptist church to be known as a method of issuing cryptocurrencies. Mississippi Gulf Coast native Pastor Adam Bennet, who has been in full-time ministry since 2005, promoted crypto as a donation option alongside more traditional channels. DOGE and 6 coins are being considered. Here are the details…

DOGE and 6 coins will be valid in the church!

According to Bennett, a self-described tech enthusiast who decided to include Ethereum ( ETH ) alongside Bitcoin ( BTC ) , “It’s not normal today (in churches), but it may be in the future as more people become interested in cryptocurrency”, Also, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), stablecoin DAI, Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and USD Coin (USDC) are considered as donation options. Bennett had this to say about the process:

I’ve spoken to a few people at church who are interested in crypto, and the discussion about it has grown. Then I did some research and found out that the Salvation Army accepted it. I looked at their platform and decided to use a different one for us. One reason Back Bay does this is because I’m an early adopter and I like to be on the cutting edge of everything. But we also have other people investing in crypto. We want to take some of our invested assets, see it gain in value, and give it to the work of the church.

Bennett reiterates that it is precisely at this time that his church invests in cryptocurrencies at this point. He also adds that cryptocurrencies are an asset class and can be used for donations and are suitable for use for beliefs.

It is an entity. So if someone wants to donate to our church as they did with a parcel of land, they can. Then we can sell it and use that money for God’s work. There are already nonprofits using crypto to transfer value from one country to another.