Good news, the future of the series is beyond season 8


Harry Lennix who has been around since the first season thinks The Blacklist could still have a long life ahead of it beyond the current season 8. Similarly, the actor also known as director Harold Cooper, shared his thoughts just as the show he’s coming back from his hiatus.

Eventually Harry Lennix appeared in multiple episodes of series, over the long years of his career, but the role on The Blacklist that began in 2013 and has now played for more than 150 episodes is one that he is not quite ready to leave.

As much as Gunsmoke and The Blacklist are vastly different shows, the actor definitely has a point that his show won’t run out of crimes to combat unless the writers run out of ideas.

There are always more bad guys that could cause trouble, right now Liz Keen (Megan Boone) at least seems to see Red as the top priority for criminals to take down, though not necessarily using the letter of the law.

It should be interesting to see Cooper’s (Harry Lennix) interactions with Liz Keen (Megan Boone) now that he is heading to war with Red in some ways that might not be FBI approved. All that said, some fans of The Blacklist found cause for concern that the show could be nearing its closure with season 8, but only time will tell when it comes down to The Blacklist’s future.

Eight seasons is a healthy run for any network primetime series, as shows like NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy with seasons that have hit double digits are the exceptions rather than the rule.

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If The Blacklist ends with season eight despite what Harry Lennix sees as the potential for more, fans are hoping there will be plenty of time for the producers to figure everything out.

There is also the possibility of some spin-offs from The Blacklist, despite the fact that the first spin-off attempt failed and resulted in the tragic death of a main character (and a new hit show for Ryan Eggold).


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