Good news of Rocket League to PlayStation users!


The Rocket League game, which first appeared in mid-2015, will be free in 2020. The good news came recently with the acquisition of the game’s developer by Epic Games. Good news came to PlayStation users for Rocket League, a multiplayer game.

PS Plus subscription is required to play online games on PlayStation.

Rocket League game won’t require PlayStation Plus

To play PlayStation 4 games online, you need to be a PS Plus subscriber by paying a monthly fee. Rocket League, which will be free to play, is a completely online game. The issue was clarified when we asked whether we would pay a monthly fee to play a free game.

You won’t need to be a PS Plus subscriber to play the game online. This announcement was made after the game’s Rocket Pass trailer. Although the situation looks good on the PlayStation side, things are different for the Xbox. According to the statement, playing the game for free will not include Xbox.

Those who want to play the game on Xbox will need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. It’s a pity that a free game can be played this way.

The developer of the game Piyonix added that the free-to-play situation also applies to the Nintendo Switch. So the only console left out of this advantage will be Xbox One.

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