Good news of cancer vaccine from BioNTech!

We got to know BioNTech, one of the largest companies operating in the field of medicine, more closely with the Covid-19 outbreak. At the end of the 11-month process, promising news about the cancer vaccine came from the German company, which developed the first approved vaccine. Özlem Türeci, the founding partner of BioNTech, spoke about her future studies and cancer vaccine in her interview.

The couple, who has been working on an mRNA-based cancer vaccine for a while, made a promising statement.

BioNTech co-founder Özlem Türeci spoke about cancer vaccine

While the Coronavirus epidemic, which the world has not survived, is on our agenda, a hopeful statement about cancer, a more general threat, came. Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, Türeci said that the mRNA system, which is also used in the Covid-19 vaccine, will be used in cancer vaccine. This vaccine development method, which triggers the immune system to produce proteins that will fight the virus, basically provides information to the body. The use of this method in the Covid-19 vaccine launched by the company shows us an example.

In the interview, it was stated that there are still a few years ahead for the use of cancer vaccines based on the mRNA system. It was also emphasized that it is very difficult to make predictions about the emergence of such vaccines. The loss of priority of cancer vaccine studies after the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic also has a share in the release date.

Türeci, who received the medal of merit representing honor in Germany with her husband Uğur Şahin at the ceremony held yesterday, also spoke about this situation. This is a great honor, but we could not have done it alone. There is a lot of effort involved. Our team at BioNTech, partners, governments and regulators; we all worked together.



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