Good news for music lovers from Spotify!

The music industry, like almost every industry, is struggling with the Corona virus outbreak. During the pandemic days, as many concerts and music festivals were canceled, Spotify announced a new development to support the musicians who were in trouble. The Spotify donation period is starting.

The musicians will have the option of collecting donations from Spotify artist profile pages in the coming periods. So they can get donations from their audience. In addition, music lovers will be able to support artists by donating as much as they want for the musicians they love. All donations will go directly to the artist or the organization of the artist’s choice. So Spotify won’t take any share for itself.

Spotify donation period begins
Another reason why the popular music platform helps competing musicians is to encourage 113 million subscribers to donate for organizations such as Help Musicians, PRS Foundation and Recording Academy’s MusiCares. Spotify is committed to matching donations to $ 10 million.

Today, most musicians earn their money from concerts rather than selling their songs. However, it seems that most of the artists have no other way to make money, especially with the events that have been canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic recently.

Extensive help from the giant music platform
“The Corona virus pandemic affects Spotify artists profoundly and negatively,” said Spotify. We thought about how we can support this creative community. Although Spotify plays an important role in bringing musicians together with its fans, many sources of income have been completely interrupted or stopped due to this crisis. ” said.

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In addition to Spotify, other technology companies such as Amazon Music, Facebook, and YouTube Music have partnered with organizations like MusiCares to support music industry employees. Thanks to this partnership, some of the donations will help musicians, some to production teams, technicians and other industry workers in financial support.

For now, it is not clear when Spotify will launch this initiative. We will inform you when there is an explanation on the subject.



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