Good News of Monero (XMR) from HTC


HTC, one of the leading names in its field, took a step to delight crypto users. To be more specific, this move of the company will especially delight Monero users.

Mobile Mining
HTC released a new announcement today and announced that it has begun to cooperate with a company called Midas Labs. Midas Labs, known for its ASIC chips, will develop a new application called DeMiner as part of this collaboration.

This app will be useful for people using HTC’s Exodus model phone. Because these users will be able to mining on their mobile phones using DeMiner. This practice is expected to be ready for the second quarter of the year.

At the moment we do not have much information on the application. That is, exactly how much charge the application will spend on the phone, how much money the user will save on average, etc. We do not know. But Phil Chen, one of HTC’s executives, says users will get a good efficiency from this app:

“The crypto money world is now in great danger because of the huge mining pools that hold all the hash power. The best way to eliminate this threat is to spread mining to larger audiences, and this can only be done through mobile. Thanks to this application, mining can be done from the mobile at low cost. Moreover, the Monero network will become more decentralized thanks to this application. ”

Will It Make Money?
As we mentioned above, we do not have much information yet about the application. We do not yet know how useful the application will be after completion.

Jri Lee, founder and CEO of Midas Labs, says that people can earn money by winning this application. He even shared some numbers for people who are considering using this application, but it should be noted that these numbers may change over time:

“Exodus 1S users will be able to dig an average of $ 0.0038 XMR per day, and the electricity costs while doing this will be half that.”


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