Good News For Huawei!


Huawei, who has had a hard time with US troubles, has come from a very different place!

Huawei, who has been approved to participate in upcoming trials to build India’s 5G infrastructure, may experience at least a little relief during its difficult period. It would not be wrong to say that 2019 was a difficult time for Huawei. The company, which was included in the banned list of the US during the year, was prohibited from having commercial relations with US companies. US officials claimed that Huawei products could be used for espionage in other countries, although they could not provide any concrete evidence, and that the data could be shared with the Chinese government. Although the smartphone manufacturer often denied these allegations and connections, the US government also invited its political friends to take steps against Huawei.

Although many other problems have been experienced, it can easily be said that the biggest loss for Huawei is the inability to provide future phones with Google’s services. Nevertheless, all these problems did not prevent Huawei from experiencing 18% revenue growth and selling more than 240 million smartphones last year.

India is the world’s second largest internet market with an estimated 500 million users, and if Huawei is chosen to help build India’s 5G infrastructure, it will be a big win for the company.

Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom networking equipment and one of the pioneers of the 5G smartphone breakthrough. The company’s involvement will greatly accelerate India’s telecom field’s achievement of 5G targets.


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