Good news has arrived for OnePlus Nord!


OnePlus, which has been confronted with its flagships with high-end equipment so far, has joined the wave of affordable phones and introduced the Nord model last month. OnePlus Nord, whose full details we have shared with you, is faced with charging speed and camera problem, although it was recently released for sale.

The phone, which has been suffering the success of OnePlus with its problems since its release, seems to get rid of the painful process with the OxygenOS 10.5.5 update. Because with the published update, it was almost like it was re-released.

OnePlus Nord camera and charging problem solved!

The package, which is available with update number 10.5.5.AC01DA in India, 10.5.5.AC01BA in Europe and 10.5.5.AC01AA in other regions, does not contain any new features or security patches. However, it resolves the errors in the operating system, especially the charging speed and camera.

With the announcement made on the OnePlus official forum page, OnePlus Nord update announced which problems will be answered. According to the announcement, freezing issues in the media volume interface will end with this update, and unexpected reboot errors will not occur again. The sharpness problem in the front camera in indoor shooting is also resolved with this update. Finally, with the OxygenOS 10.5.5 update, the Notes application constantly running in the background and slow charging problems are history.

For some regions, it is not yet possible to access updates on the company’s website, but it is stated that a third-party Oxygen Updater application is among the alternatives to get faster results.

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