Good News from These 9 Altcoins: Lists 2 Exchanges!


Crypto exchange (CRO) adds support for two decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoins, while Turkey-based exchange Bitexen adds 7 altcoins to the platform. As, we convey the details…

Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to list altcoins

According to a company blog post, Singapore-based exchange platform Crypto.Com says it will list Convex Finance (CVX), an Ethereum-based protocol built on Curve Finance (CRV), a DeFi platform focused on trading stablecoins. Also listed is Trader Joe (JOE), an Avalanche-based automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX).

Offering no withdrawals or minimum performance fees, Convex rewards liquidity providers and CRV stakers on the Curve Finance exchange. TraderJoe combines token swap and decentralized exchange services such as lending and leveraged trading. has recently gone mainstream after purchasing the naming rights to the iconic Los Angeles sports stadium in a staggering $700 million deal last month. This stadium is now known as the Arena. states that CVX and JOE will not be available to customers in the United States or Singapore.

On the other hand, Bitexen, one of the Turkey-based crypto exchanges, reports that it has added 7 new coins to its platform. ANT (Aragon), AR (Arweave), ENS (Ethereum Name Service), WAXP (WAX), HNT (Helium), ILV (Illuvium) and RNDR (Render Token) coins have been added to the cryptocurrency exchange.