Good news from Solana and these 6 altcoins: a well-known company is replenishing its portfolio!


The popular Opera web browser announced today that it will support Solana and 6 additional Blockchain networks, facilitating access to decentralized programs (dApps) and services.

Opera web browser adds support for Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana

Among them are such popular projects as Bitcoin, Polygon and Solana, as well as StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos and IXO based on Cosmos. Polygon’s decentralized applications are now available on Android, desktops and Android via the company’s revolutionary proprietary Crypto Browser Project web browser.

Earlier this year, Opera released a public beta version of its new Crypto Browser project for mobile and desktop devices. Crypto Browser Project is a standalone browser with built-in compatibility with DApp, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet. The latest cryptocurrency news includes prices, gas fees and market sentiment, as well as Crypto Corner, a center for scheduled giveaways, educational content and a calendar of events.

Additional integrations will be completed in the coming months

Solana, StarkEx, Deversifi, IXO, Ronin, Nervos, Bitcoin and Celo are currently only available in Opera for Android, but will be included in the Crypto Browser project in the coming months. Jorgen Arnesen, Mobile Vice President of Opera, commented on today’s presentation:

The average web user may still have doubts about dealing with Web3, but with the integration of Solana, Polygon and other technologies into our mobile browser, they can now access these technologies from a secure and familiar browser for them.

Opera is one of the oldest web browsers that has been online since 1995. The company launched its first web browser with a built-in Ethereum wallet and some basic Web3 support in July 2018, providing access to various ERC-20 tokens supporting dApps.

Polygon, Ronin and StarkEx are popular examples of second—level blockchains. According to Somanews, Ronin supports the Axie Infinity game based on the principles of “play and win”, and was hacked for $ 600 million on Tuesday. Supporting the Axie Infinity team in the investigation, Binance suspended all deposits and withdrawals of funds on the Ronin network.