Good news for Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 users!


Focusing on privacy improvements, Samsung has released a new update for the Galaxy A51 and A71. Samsung AltZLife update offers superior special mode features.

AltZLife for Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 is now available!

Aiming to increase the privacy level of smartphones, Samsung has launched its update called AltZLife. This feature is said to have been developed due to the more privacy searches of smartphone users as they transition to an enhanced digital life using their mobile devices.

Samsung smartphone users (Galaxy A51 and A71 only for now) will be able to quickly and easily switch between normal mode and private mode (Secure Folder) by double-clicking the power button. The augmented reality functionality on the device also allows private content to be moved to Secure Folder.

According to a study by Samsung, 79 percent of Generation Z consumers found that they have content on their smartphones that they don’t want family or others to see, such as pictures, apps, and private chats. This feature, which was revealed on the basis of this research, was presented to Galaxy A51 and A71 users on August 10. The update is expected to roll out gradually to all devices that support it.


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