Good news for Fortnite players from Samsung


Fortnite has been removed from the app stores. It is known that the game was removed on both the App Store side and the Play Store side due to violations of company policies. Later, interestingly, Fortnite Mobile-powered iPhones and iPads were sold for thousands of dollars. An announcement came from Samsung after this war, where interesting retaliation was also experienced. It seems possible to play Fortnite on Samsung phones.

Playing Fortnite on Samsung phones

The main reason why this issue has come to the fore so much is that Epic Games signed Fortnite is among the popular mobile games. The subject, which has been on the agenda of social media for a while, draws attention with a new development every day.

Despite the ban, Fortnite can be downloaded to Samsung phones via the Galaxy store. Samsung announced that smartphone users can download the Battle Royale game Fortnite from the Samsung Galaxy Store app. Also, discounts are waiting for users.

In a statement, the company announced that Samsung Galaxy smartphones will: “Download Epic Games from the Galaxy Store and receive up to 20 percent discounts and in-game offers within the scope of Fortnite Mega Drop”.

Fornite Season 4 was pointing to the date of August 27 for Episode 2, but it made a new post due to the problems. Epic Games, who shared posts with the #FreeFortnite tag, wrote in a new blog post that Apple prevented the players from receiving updates, the new season of the game was released, but iOS users could not access this new update.

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Also, this new Fortnite move from Samsung can really benefit Samsung, as many people buy smartphones for mobile games. At this point, it seems quite possible to choose Samsung for Fortnite enthusiasts. Nevertheless, we will convey the developments on the subject in the coming days.


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