Good News for EOS: Google Cloud Joins the Network


According to the press release released today by, the parent company of the EOSIO network and EOS cryptocurrency, Google Cloud has officially applied to become the block producer in the respective blockchain network. With this positive development, EOS price has gained 15% in the last 24 hours and is still rising.

It has filed an official application to become a block generator on the Google Cloud EOS network, and this application will be terminated soon, according to a statement by Google Cloud, the cloud technology-focused subsidiary of the world giant Google, will officially become one of the main participants of the relevant blockchain network after this development.

Google Cloud Joins EOS Network Also

Once Google Cloud becomes an active block producer, it will have the right to vote in making important decisions regarding the network as well as protecting the network. In their press release, the team stated that they are satisfied with this application from the Google Cloud front and that this is a very important success for the network. CTO Dan Larimer stated in a statement on the subject that Google Cloud will continue to provide infrastructure and increase support for from now on. In addition, Larimer noted that the blockchain giant will work to take advantage of all the advantages offered by Google Cloud’s blockchain technology.

CEO Brendan Blumer shared a tweet shared by the CEO of Chintai, “This is a fantastic verification of EOS’s potential and legitimacy by Google”, expressing his similar view. EOS has certainly had significant success with this development. Previously, Ontology and Theta prices have also seen significant increases due to Google partnerships.


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