Good news for affordable foldable phones!


Although the coronavirus pandemic increases its effect in our country and in the world, although many sectors have been badly affected, the technology sector continues different R&D studies. Samsung’s foldable phones were quite expensive for the users with their initial prices. But Samsung plans to produce low cost foldable glass for affordable foldable phones!

Work has begun on affordable foldable phones!
After the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, foldable phones were becoming more and more agenda in our lives. But Galaxy Fold has not been a very successful device for Samsung. Galaxy Z Flip presented this year after Fold, which faced many different problems, did not please the users with its price. Although the problems encountered in Galaxy Fold were not encountered on the new device, this time the price was above the expected.

According to today’s leaks, Samsung Electronics plans to manufacture the foldable glass on its own to lower the prices of foldable smartphones. Although material is still being supplied by Samsung Display for production, it has been revealed that the company is undergoing an important cost analysis to gradually make foldable phone prices.

Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s current foldable smartphone, costs $ 1400 and the company agrees that this price is not affordable. The foldable glass used in this device has a thickness of 30 micrometers and costs $ 40 compared to the $ 2 price tag of the scale of flat glass on regular phones.

Foldable glass, known as UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) used in the Galaxy Z Flip, is produced by DOWOO INSYS, which combines the Samsung Display and the later OLED panel with glass and supplies the end product to Samsung Electronics. Therefore, the cost also increases considerably. The company plans to reduce its own costs by reducing the number of intermediary companies in this process. More explanation about the new foldable smartphones by the end of 2020 seems to come.

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