Good hackers earn $ 1 million during the pandemic


The social detachment caused by the coronavirus pandemic has spurred the hunt for bugs in online services, which can yield high cash rewards. According to the HackerOne platform, at least nine “good hackers” have made more than $ 1 million by reporting security problems over the past few months.

According to the company that connects companies and security experts, quarantine has increased the free time for bug hunters. According to the data, about 38% of users of the platform’s users have increased their working time since the beginning of the pandemic.

Another company in the sector, YesWeHack also registered growth in the search for bugs. The company that employs 22,000 hackers said that the number of security problems encountered in 2020 was twice that of the previous year.

With the intense hunt, some hackers have managed to increase their earnings considerably. A specialist from Romania started working with online security at HackerOne two years ago and, even with a short time in his career, managed to raise $ 2 million in services.

How it works

HackerOne and YesWeHack’s main service is the connection between companies and security specialists willing to search for bugs in systems and services. Platforms charge a fee to make this contact, but facilitate the search for jobs.

The reward for failure varies according to the severity of the problem and the amounts can range from $ 140 to millionaire amounts: Google has already spent more than $ 3 million in compensation for bug hunters. Katie Paxton-Fear, a professor at the University of Manchester, revealed to the BBC that she earned about $ 16,000 in a year hunting for bugs working only during her spare time.


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