Good Girls: Series Canceled by NBC During Its 4th Season


Good Girls, the famous drama comedy series, has just been officially canceled by NBC. The decision not to renew the show was accompanied by several other cancellations by the channel, which also ended Manifest and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

According to Deadline, the network didn’t find a way to continue with the series after a significant drop in ratings, which kept it as its least-watched drama in the last semester. Unlike today, previous seasons of the show had good numbers of viewers.

Fans, who are currently following season 4 of The Good Doctor, were surprised by the news, as there are now only 5 episodes left for the show to come to an end.

Netflix decides not to save Good Girls

Even with the success of the debut of Good Girls on Netflix, which managed to remain among the most watched programs in streaming for weeks, the company decided not to take over the production and carry out a fifth and final season of the series.

This decision put an end to the story written by Jenna Bans. Due to a co-production agreement with Netflix in the past, this was considered the last possibility for the program to continue.

Last week, after many uncertainties, streaming also chose not to save Manifest, another critically acclaimed Universal Television series. These recent decisions indicate that Netflix is ​​not as open to taking on productions canceled by broadcasters as in its past.


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