Good Doctor season 5: new actors, marriage … what we already know about the sequel


Season 4 of Good Doctor is over! This Wednesday, October 27, TF1 broadcasts the last two episodes. Here is what awaits you with new actors, an upcoming wedding and not only! Warning, this article contains spoilers on the end of season 4.


After a heartbreaking Season 3 finale with the death of Melendez, Good Doctor loses another Doctor at the end of Season 4 but under less heartbreaking circumstances. In the last two episodes, the doctors from St Bonaventure Hospital went on a humanitarian mission to Guatemala. Claire (Antonia Thomas) decided not to return to the United States. Why such a departure? It is the actress who wished to leave the series and will therefore not be back for season 5 which began at the end of September in the United States. And here’s what awaits us:

Who are the new players?

If Antonia Thomas will not return, season 5 of Good Doctor will welcome some new faces. Well, one of them won’t be here for long: seen in the last two episodes, Osvaldo Benavides who plays Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma had to be present full time. But surprise, his departure was announced this week when only four episodes were broadcast in the US.

Osvaldo Benavides plays Mateo in season 5 of Good Doctor

Another new character will make his arrival from episode 1: Salen Morrison. She will first pass herself off as a patient but will in fact buy out the hospital. And as much to say that these methods will be debated among doctors. It is Rachel Bay Jones who played in Panic and Modern Family who embodies this character.

Rachel Bay Jones plays Salen in Good Doctor season 5

A wedding for Shaun and Lea

Lea (Paige Spara) proposed to Shaun (Freddie Highmore) in the finale of season 4. A union that the two lovers will prepare slowly but surely at the beginning of season 5. The boss of the series has even already confirmed that ‘they will be fine with the ring on their finger this year and the trailer to see in our slideshow teases this union. It remains to be seen when and if there will be drama on D-Day.

The other plots to come

In season 5 of Good Doctor, we will also see the Park (Will Yun Lee) / Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) couple evolve; the relationship between Lim (Christina Chang) and Mateo (well, at the beginning) but not only. Salen is also going to be using Shaun’s autism to advertise the hospital, which the doctors won’t really like and there will be tension between her and Glassman (Richard Schiff).

What date of broadcast?

For the moment, the date of broadcast of the sequel to Good Doctor on TF1 is not known and it is not surprising: season 5 started only one month ago. We will therefore certainly have to wait until September 2022 before seeing it with us. But, from Wednesday November 17, you will be able to find the continuation of another medical series: season 3 of New Amsterdam.


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