Good deal Samsung Galaxy Note 9: at the best price


New promotion for a smartphone signed Samsung, leader of the telephony market. Its Galaxy Note 9 benefits from the best price, brand new, at CDiscount! A good plan not to be missed.

Samsung has dominated the telephony market for several years, with a rigor that commands respect. The Korean manufacturer is able to face formidable competitors, including Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Apple, which recently unveiled a new iPad, the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple One service. But if Samsung is the leader, it is no accident. The Korean firm offers some of the best models on the market, equipped with cutting-edge technologies that stand the test of time. The Galaxy Note 9 is the proof: several years after its release, the top of the range is still just as powerful!

It is at a price of 505.01 euros that the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung is offered at the time of this writing, on September 20 at 7 p.m., completely new! Because finding such a model, which is no longer produced, in a form other than the refurbished is not often easy. Not to mention that CDiscount promotional codes are available at this address. Technical sheet level, this smartphone offers a Super AMOLED panel in 18.5: 9 format with a size of 6.4 inches, a dual photo sensor, an S-Pen stylus and a high performance 4000 mAh battery. In the same genre, but more compact, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is also benefiting from a nice drop.

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